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How to Make Intro and Outro for Video

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These are key elements of any type of video content. Intros and endings create a solid foundation at the beginning of the video and a well-supported statement at the end.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of creating an intro and outro is an animation of information which may include a logo and necessary information. It can also be an animated background that can consist of video and motion design.

Tasks may include creating 2D, 3D video and editing. Basically, this is an animation of a logo or name with musical accompaniment. There are many ready-made templates, both paid and free, that can be quickly converted to the necessary tasks.

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Target Audience

The target audience of intros and outros is that part of the people for whom the content is intended and the intro and outro are being made.

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References of similar screensavers can be found on the Internet of different styles. They can be found in video programs, movies or cartoons. The inspiration for the splash screen can also be a static picture that can be animated.

Motion Graphic Design

When creating an intro and outro, a short video is created. When creating such a video from scratch, you need to collect either ready-made materials such as a logo or any elements that already exist, or create them from scratch.

Sound Design

Music and sound effects are the last steps in creating a intro and outro. But sometimes the better wat make video You can write music separately for the video or just use a ready-made composition. Sound effects emphasize key points or are simply entertaining. On the Internet, you can order both original sound and download paid and free materials.


The budget for freelancing is built on a time basis and a fixed price. There are also other types of remuneration that have been formed among customers and performers.

  • To record video on a camera, a time rate is used, it can also be in the price. equipment and studio rental included.
  • For motion graphics, payment is formed per second of the video.
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