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Tesla's Mind-Bending Entry Into the Pickup Design Market

by Danylo Khorzhevskyi | 29.11.2023

Elon Musk's radically angular Cybertruck pickup shocked audiences in 2019 with its geometric stainless steel body evoking sci-fi movies and 80s cars. Its unconventional form draws criticism along with praise for its boldly futuristic look. Behind the origami-esque styling lies a highly capable electric truck with armored doors, adaptive air suspension, and up to 500km range. But with pickup buyers traditionally loyal to brands like Ford and RAM, does the Cybertruck's divisive design represent an innovation that will disrupt and transform the market or an alienating bust?

Pleasure vs Suffering: What Influences Purchase Decisions from a Neuromarketing Perspective

by Danylo Khorzhevskyi | 27.02.2023

Explore how neuromarketing reveals the brain's role in purchase decisions based on pleasure and suffering. Learn about the endowment effect and its intriguing parallels, as well as the diminishing marginal utility of wealth. Uncover key factors influencing buying choices and their implications for marketing.

Marketing Case by Nike Company

Excerpted from Strategic Marketing by David W. Crevens | 12.05.2022

This article examines Nike's bold 1990s push into the $40B sports equipment market, beyond its core shoes and apparel. It details Nike's plans to leverage aerospace tech to create innovative new equipment like hockey sticks and baseball gloves. However, Nike faced skepticism and early missteps, while major brands like 110-year old Rawlings geared up to defend their turf. Despite challenges, Nike aimed to use its marketing prowess to swoosh into dominating equipment as well.

HTC's Meteoric Growth from PDA Maker to Apple Rival

by Zachary Lukasiewicz | 2.02.2023

The article tells the story of how Taiwanese company HTC grew from a small startup into a major global smartphone manufacturer and innovator. It recounts how founder Cher Wang persevered despite early struggles, forging key partnerships with Microsoft, Google and others. HTC achieved many mobile firsts, transitioning from PDAs to acclaimed smartphones. The article tracks HTC's rise as a scrappy underdog to a top Apple rival.

The Incredible Rise of Victorinox: How a Small Swiss Knife Company Became an International Brandl

by Zachary Lukasiewicz | 12.05.2023

This article tells the fascinating history of Victorinox, from its beginnings in 1884 as a small Swiss knife workshop to becoming one of the most recognizable international brands. It covers how founder Karl Elsener created the original Swiss Army Knife and its later innovations, as well as Victorinox’s expanding global reach in the 20th century through marketing and diversification. The article highlights Victorinox’s focus on quality Swiss craftsmanship even as the company grew exponentially. In 300 years of business, Victorinox has cemented its iconic Swiss Army Knife as a versatile tool for military personnel and everyday carry.

The Rise, Fall, and Revival of the Hilton Hotel Empire

by Zachary Lukasiewicz | 22.05.2023

The article examines the history of the Hilton hotel chain, its ups and downs over the decades, and its marketing strategies to revive the brand. It covers the expansion and near-bankruptcy of early Hilton, its separation into US and British branches, and its eventual re-merger.

The article also discusses Hilton's focus on franchising and promoting sub-brands, as well as its loyalty programs and renovations to restore the flagship Hilton image.

Applying Behavioral Economics to Grow Revenue: A Marketing Case Study with Richard Thaler's Help

by Danylo Khorzhevskyi | 02.11.2023

Dive into the marketing odyssey of "Greek Peak," a ski haven sculpted by the expertise of Richard Thaler, a maestro in behavioral economics. Through calculated pricing crescendos, the resort danced with gradual increments, ensuring customer harmony. Thaler's insights fueled service crescendos, with free offerings and tailored passes for locals and students.

The resort's financial ascent, crowned by prepaid passes and loyalty-boosting discounts, transformed challenges into victories. This narrative unveils the art of marketing and pricing, where Thaler's behavioral economics orchestrates a symphony of success on the slopes.

Marketing Insight: Kahneman's and Barden's Dual System Theories

by Danylo Khorzhevskyi | 12.01.2023

Article analyzes the dual system theories of Kahneman (System 1 & 2) and Barden (autopilot & pilot) and their application in marketing. Explains how instinctive System 1/autopilot and logical System 2/pilot interact in consumer decisions. Emphasizes importance of brands appealing to both impulsive and rational thinking through product presentation and facts on pricing/quality. Discusses crafting holistic marketing strategies that target emotional and analytical drivers of choice.

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