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How to Write Project Сharter

• Example of how to write project charter

A project charter is an important document in project management that helps plan the main aspects of a project and can be used throughout the project life cycle. It allows the project to be presented to stakeholders and confirms its viability and potential return on investment. In this article, we will look at how to write a project charter, provide examples and a template, as well as share tips for creating this important document.

What is a Project Charter?

A project charter is a formal short document that affirms the existence of a project and provides project managers with written permission to begin work. The project charter describes the project to create a common understanding of its goals, objectives and resource requirements before the project is developed in detail.

The project charter is the foundation for a successful project and allows the project manager to explain to participants and stakeholders the scope of the project, its goals, project participants and other details such as potential risks. It can serve as an analog of a business plan and allows expectations and standards to be agreed upon with stakeholders.

What Should a Project Charter Include?

A project charter usually includes the following project elements:

  • Project Purpose
  • Project Participants
  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements
  • Constraints
  • Milestones
  • Communication
  • Deliverables
  • Budget

The project manager should create the project charter at the beginning of the project. Signing the document can also serve as a way to authorize the project by giving the project manager official permission to start its execution. For large projects consisting of several phases, project managers can create a separate charter for each phase.

Tips for Creating a Project Charter

For successful creation of a project charter, project managers should take the following actions:

  • Be concise: Each charter section can consist of just a few sentences. The project charter should be an overview of the project, not an in-depth breakdown.
  • Involve the team: Communicating with project participants will help create realistic goals and milestones, as well as identify potential project risks.
  • Use a template: A project charter template will help keep it clear and concise, and can be used to create future project charters.
  • Be clear: Organize the charter so that its structure is clear at first glance. Designate each charter component.
  • Implementation plan: After organizing the charter, project managers should begin planning its implementation. This involves communicating with project participants and stakeholders as well as raising funds and resources.

This document will help make the project management process smoother as it can be referenced and reviewed throughout the project.

Project Charter Template

A sample project charter template includes the following components:

Section Description
Project Name Official name of the project, which should be descriptive enough for others to understand its essence.
Project Goal Description of the reasons the project is undertaken. The goal should be specific, measurable, and achievable.
Project Participants List of all project participants and a clear definition of their roles.
Stakeholders List of project sponsors and other individuals directly impacted by the project who need to be informed about its progress.
Requirements Identification of resources necessary to achieve the project goals.
Constraints Documentation of potential obstacles or issues that may arise and assistance in preparing participants for potential project problems.
Implementation Milestones Setting the start date and ideal completion date of the project, as well as dates for other important checkpoints such as the project schedule.
Communication Defining methods of communication between the project manager, project owners, participants, and key stakeholders throughout the project.
Outcomes Description of specific products, processes, or services that the project will deliver upon completion.
Budget Overall estimate of the project budget.

These are generalized sections that can be included in a project charter, although the order of each component can be changed. At the beginning of the charter, general information about the project is usually specified, such as its title and description, as well as information about project participants. The charter should also indicate the role and responsibilities of each team member.

How to write a project charter for different types of projects

A project charter can be adapted for different types of projects, including projects in graphic design, audio, video, writing, programming, and marketing. When writing a project charter for these types of projects, the specifics of each project should be taken into account and appropriate requirements, constraints, and milestones included.

Graphic Design Project

When writing a project charter for a graphic design project, the following features should be considered:

  • Defining the project purpose, such as creating a new logo or package design.
  • Specifying project participants such as graphic designer, client, and project manager.
  • Defining project requirements such as access to appropriate software and resources to create graphic elements.
  • Specifying project constraints such as deadlines and budget.

Audio Project

When writing a project charter for an audio project, the following features should be considered:

  • Defining the project purpose such as creating a film soundtrack or recording an audiobook.
  • Specifying project participants such as sound engineer, musicians, and producer.
  • Defining project requirements such as access to a recording studio and necessary instruments.
  • Specifying project constraints such as audio mastering deadlines and budget for hiring musicians.


Writing a project charter is an important step in project management. It helps participants and stakeholders understand the goals, constraints, and requirements of the project, and also creates a basis for the successful implementation of the project. Using examples and a template, you will be able to easily create your own project charter and ensure the successful execution of the project.

Remember that each project is unique, so the project charter should be tailored to the specific requirements and constraints of the project. By following the advice and using the examples, you will be able to create a comprehensive and informative project charter that will form the basis of a successful project.

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